Day: May 5, 2020

Club Update

Now that the season has been drawn to a premature close focus now turns to what happens next. The club wishes to thank all the players and management for their efforts throughout the season which brought high’s and low’s along the way. Everyone who has supported the club during the season we thank and hopefully given the generosity being shown through the 1880 Black and White appeal and the Donate a ticket scheme we will welcome back to support the Shire when the time is right and safe to do so.

This time of the season always means we will have players moving on and potentially new players arriving so over the next few months we will do our best to keep everyone up to date as things become official. We have already extended 6 player contracts for 2020/21 season, Martin Orr, Nicky Low, Jordan Tapping, Sean Brown, Reis Peggie and Jamie Dishington have all signed contract extensions that sees them remain along with Andy Rodgers and Derek Ure.

Over the last few weeks negotiations have started with several players who are currently thinking things through while some have considered an offer but decided the time is right to move on, some will also become free agents come early June.

Confirmed leaving this summer are :
Connor Greene, Peter MacDonald, Willie Dyer, Robbie Taylor, Robert Griffiths, Blair Hastings & Steven Bain.

The club wishes to thank all the players moving on for their effort and commitment over the last season and indeed seasons before that.

It would be wrong not to single out one name from the above list and pay a special thank you to Connor Greene who made his debut in 2014 Vs Inverurie Loco Works, made 210 appearances and scored 27 goals who has considered our offer but decided to move on next season. Connor has become a fans favourite over the last few seasons and with his 100% attitude and his ever willingness to put his body in where others wouldn’t he won the hearts of many during his stay. His club goalscoring record for a defender will remain we suspect for many years in the Shire history books and his tales of how he scored a Hat-trick against Arthurlie FC will be missed around the dressing room even if he did only get two that day. We know Connor was proud every time he ran out with the Shire shirt on and never gave anything less than 100% in every match he played in, I am sure everyone at the club will wish him well with his next move within Scottish Football. Thanks Connor its been a pleasure.

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To all players moving on, thank you and good luck.