Club Update

With football starting to come out of hibernation our thoughts are starting to turn to planning Shire’s return.

We still don’t have any official word and we are likely not to be able to resume training until early August at the earliest so any competitive fixtures look still to be a while away, potentially October fingers crossed.

Derek, Andy and The Directors have spent the lockdown planning various scenarios which like all clubs we have had to consider and try to plan the best we can without knowing how, when or if the club would get back playing.

The club took a very early decision that the right thing to do was honour all contracted players and staff’s salaries 100% through lockdown and as a club we are proud to say that was achieved and continues. Players & Staff commit to the club and it was only right the club committed to them.

The various fundraisers and unbelievably generous donations from our supporters and beyond that have supported the club through these hard and dark times has meant one thing, we can take “if” of the list as thanks to everyone who donated and the hard work of many the club will be ready for the 2020/21 season whenever that day is. Thank you to everyone who has helped raise over £7500 towards next season.

Remember you can still donate and help through our donate a ticket scheme

Over the coming days and weeks Derek will add to the players already committed. The squad will be smaller than last season and the club will not run a reserve side like before.

Already signed are Nicky Low, Jamie Dishington, Reis Peggie, Jordan Tapping, Marty Orr and Sean Brown. Add both Derek and Andy Rodgers in as well we have a fantastic platform to build upon to again challenge for the Lowland league title.

Further updates will happen as we have news.