Russell Sharp

The club are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of life long supporter Russell Sharp. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Russell was a true Shire man all his days and the club has been in the Sharp family since the club was formed. With Russell’s passing the last living link to the original club has gone as his grandfather had played for the club as far back as 1881/82 and possibly in the formation year. His interest in the inner workings of the club was hereditary as Russell’s dad had been a board member and club treasurer back in the 1950s.

Russell was more than just a Shire fan, often he acted at times as the moral conscience of the club. He was a loyal supporter of the team (although he could be critical of results, players and managers just like anyone in the stands), but he was always the most consistent in holding the people who ran the club to account by persistently asking awkward questions of the powers that be.

“Sometimes he could be like a dog with a bone about an issue or a decision the board had made. Often he’d go away unsatisfied with the answer he’d been given but nobody ever went away without having listened to his passionate challenge.”

One thing Russell never lacked was a willingness to help the club in any way he could. Not all of that assistance was conventional. He was the man who gave us Shire whisky, for example, but he was always there to lend a hand and there were many acts of generosity that went completely unmentioned, all to help the club.

A familiar face who always had time to stop and talk about the Shire to anybody as well as welcoming new supporters over the years.

Russell will be missed by everyone at the Shire, a true gentleman and a friend to us all.