Donation Update – Thank You !

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it’s been fantastic to see.

It will be tough but as a club we have faced adversity before and survived and we need to pull together and survive again.

Never have we been prouder of our club, the players, staff and supporters than over the last few days during these difficult times.

Everyday this week we have received calls and messages from Staff and Players who have offered all their salary back to the club or have donated to our fundraising fund. Each call and message has one theme and that’s boys wanting to help the club, our club.
We have committed to pay everyone and its absolutely the right thing to do.

We have had supporters turning up at Directors front doors (social distance away) and donating cash to the cause, online we have seen an amazing response to our fund and today we launched donate a ticket which allows everyone to buy a virtual ticket for all the postponed games.

Simply we are blown away by Shire people, it shouldn’t surprise us but it has absolutely blown us away this week and everyone who loves our club should be very proud.

Thank you everyone who has helped so far, its much appreciated.